Posted: Dec 19 2014


Proud artisan shoemakers – Deborah, Claudio and Giancarlo with Magnus in the small family workshop where many Italigente shoes are made today. Using premium French calfskins, blake/rapid stitched and polished to perfection. The lasts are made with some extra "room" giving a good fit. It takes passion, time and skills to make a pair. It's a manual work that involves more than 200 processes. Without being passionate about it. It would be a mission impossible. If you ever travel around Marche region, please let us know, and we'll be very glad to show you what it takes to make good quality shoes. In the next Italigente website under construction we'll take pride in showing more about the making of our shoes, and why we find them very special. Please hold out for another month or so.


Merry Christmas!


Debbie, Claudio, Giancarlo and Magnus

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