Our Italigente Uncovered project let's you follow and influence our work in a unique way. It's both about letting you, the customers, take part in and have a greater understanding of the work of a quality shoe brand, but also to make you part of the development of the company in different ways and allow us to share your knowledge and opinions.

On this page we gather all the Italigente Uncovered posts that will be made on our Tumblr blog. Please feel more than welcome to comment and come with suggestions in the comments section on each post, or send us an e-mail at

The making of Italigente (April 2 -15)

Italigente Uncovered nr. 1 (March 24 -15)

Italigente Uncovered nr. 2 (May 29 -15)

Italigente Uncovered nr. 3 (September 5 -15)

Italigente Uncovered nr. 4 (December 15 -15) 

Italigente Uncovered nr. 5 (June 22 -16)

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