Our shoes are high quality products, built to last. But to make them last as long as possible, it is important to care for them and wear them in a proper way.

Here are our recommendations for great shoe care:



- Don't wear shoes for two consecutive days. We sweat up to 7 cl a day, and shoes need to rest and dry out before being worn again. Otherwise they will wear down quicker than necessary.

- Always use shoe trees to help the shoes to maintain their shape. Shoe trees both stretch out the soles and decrease wrinkles in the upper leather. It's recommended to insert the trees in the shoes directly after wear when the shoes are warm. If you only own one pair of shoe trees, switch them between shoes, always keeping them in the pair last used. Shoe trees made of wood is preferred over plastic ones, since the wood allows the leather to breath and absorb some moisture.

- Brush and/or wipe of the shoes after wear, to get rid of dirt and stains.

- For regular leather, polish them with shoe cream every once in a while, to nourish and protect the leather. How often depends on how much the shoes are used and in which conditions, but say at least once a month for shoes who've seen regular use.

- To apply cream, use a cloth or a small brush and rub small amounts of cream into the leather in cerciular motions. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes, and thereafter use a brush to buff of excess leather and bring out a shine. Don't forget the sole and heel edges.

- For our colors Castagna and Mogano, we recommend using neutral shoe cream as the standard cream, if you don't want to cover the antiqued hand painted effect. You can use cream with pigment to cover tears and deeper scuffs though.



- For extra protection and shine, you can apply wax polish after the shoe cream. Take a cloth and apply a very small amount of polish, dip the cloth quickly in water, and then gently rub the polish into the leather in circular motions. You can apply one or two layers of polish over the whole shoe, but on the toe where the stiffener are you can put on several layers to bring out a really nice high shine. This take time though, have patience.

- For suede shoes, we recommend that you impregnate the shoes before use, using a suede impregnating spray (never use these sprays on regular leather, it's clogging the leather's pores). Go outside, and spray the whole shoes from about 20 cm distance. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, and then brush the shoes. This is recommended to do every other month or so.

- Don't forget that the sole and heel edges on suede shoes still needs shoe cream. Apply it very gently with a cloth or small brush, avoiding it to get on the suede uppers. You can also use your index finger to apply the cream, it's easier, but obviously a bit sloppier. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes, than brush the edges.



- Italigente's shoes are Blake/Rapid stitched, which means that they can be resoled several times. They are resoled the same way as a Goodyear welted shoe, where you cut the sole stitch and dismount the sole, attaching a new one with glue and then stitch a new sole stitch. All good cobblers can resole our shoes.

- If the heels are worn down through the rubber part at the back its time for new top heel pieces. This is also easily exchanged by a cobbler. It can be done separately, since it's pretty common that heels wear down before the sole, and is also almost always done when you're doing a resole.

- One place that for some people who take big steps are worn down faster then the rest of the sole is the front toe part. You should not let it wear down to the midsole, but if the rest of the sole is okay you don't have to do a full resole, a good coobler can attach a leather, rubber or metal toe piece making it possible to wear the shoes until the rest of soles are worn down.


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