We use the EU shoe sizing system, where it's one Paris Point between each full size, 6,6 mm. It's hard to compare it directly to the UK or US sizing systems, since those use another measurement, in those cases one full size is equal to one Barleycorn, 8,46 mm. To give you an idea of the sizing conversion, here is a chart with Italigente's EU sizing in the left and a standard UK sizing to the right:

All our shoes are made in a standard width fitting.

We've also made a chart where we compare which size a few persons wear in Italigente's lasts and lasts from other quality shoe manufacturers, to provide you with further guidance (early version now, person 3 will be added soon). All lasts listed are in the manufacturer's standard width, unless else is stated:


Note that all feet are different, this is just an extra help to pinpoint the correct size for you, but we can't guarantee that it will end up correct.


If you have any further questions regarding sizing, please contact

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